Not Coffee Starter Trio (Ground, Instant & Chai) SAMPLE Bundle

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Sale price $34.95 AUD Regular price $38.85 AUD
Not Coffee Starter Trio (Ground, Instant & Chai) SAMPLE Bundle

Not Coffee Starter Trio (Ground, Instant & Chai) SAMPLE Bundle

Regular price $34.95 AUD
Sale price $34.95 AUD Regular price $38.85 AUD
Product description

Discover the perfect introduction to the world of Not Coffee with our Not Coffee Starter Trio. This carefully curated bundle offers a taste of our essential products, making it the ideal way to explore our delicious, caffeine-free alternatives.

What’s Inside:

  • Not Coffee Now (Instant) 30gm: Enjoy the convenience of instant coffee without the caffeine. This rich, smooth blend offers the perfect pick-me-up any time of day, minus the jitters.
  • Not Coffee Original (Ground) 50gm: Experience the classic taste of Not Coffee with our ground version, perfect for brewing in your favourite coffee maker. Enjoy the full-bodied flavour that mimics traditional coffee without any of the drawbacks.
  • Not Coffee Caffeine-Free Sticky Chai 50gm: Indulge in our unique caffeine-free chai, made with a blend of Honey Bush tea and fragrant spices. This soothing chai offers a delightful alternative to traditional caffeinated beverages.

Whether you’re new to Not Coffee or looking to sample our core offerings, the Not Coffee Starter Trio provides a delightful introduction to our range. Embrace a healthier coffee ritual with these essential blends, designed to give you all the flavour and none of the caffeine.

About Not Coffee Now - Instant

Ingredients: Roasted chicory, Australian organic roasted carob.

Not Coffee Now (Instant) – Your Instant Coffee Alternative for a Balanced Morning Ritual

Experience the ultimate convenience and wholesome indulgence with Not Coffee Now (Instant). This remarkable instant coffee alternative is designed to replicate the look, taste, and functionality of traditional coffee without the downsides.

The Perfect Brew, Simplified
Say goodbye to complex brewing methods and hello to instant satisfaction. Not Coffee Now (Instant) effortlessly delivers a delightful coffee-like experience with just boiled water and your favorite milk or dairy alternative. It's the hassle-free solution for those seeking a quick and easy way to enjoy a satisfying cup of goodness.

A Taste of Authenticity, Minus the Drawbacks
Not Coffee Now stands as the closest coffee alternative to the real deal. It captures the essence of coffee's rich flavor profile, providing you with a satisfying beverage without the acidity, bitterness, or unwanted elements associated with coffee or decaf. Indulge in the taste you love, guilt-free.

Embrace a Balanced Lifestyle
If you're looking to break free from the negative effects of coffee while still savoring the experience, Not Coffee Now is here to support you. With 0% caffeine or stimulants, it ensures a gentle and balanced start to your day. Packed with essential prebiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, Not Coffee Now promotes gut health and overall well-being, giving you the energy and vitality you need.

A Nourishing Alternative for Your Well-being
Not Coffee Now is your go-to coffee substitute that brings joy without the adverse effects on your gut, sleep, blood pressure, thyroid function, or anxiety levels. It's carefully crafted to provide a nourishing and gentle experience, allowing you to enjoy a warm cup of goodness without compromising your health.

Aligned with Your Dietary Needs
At Not Coffee, inclusivity is at the heart of what we do. Not Coffee Now is naturally vegan-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, preservative and additive-free, acid-free, and sugar-free. It's a guilt-free choice that caters to diverse dietary preferences and ensures everyone can delight in a satisfying coffee alternative.

About Not Coffee Original - Ground

Ingredients: Roasted chicory, Australian organic roasted carob, roasted chickpea.

Brews Like Coffee, Feels Like Magic
Not Coffee Original (Ground) performs just like ground coffee beans, allowing you to brew it in all domestic home coffee makers and machines. Embrace the familiar brewing process and indulge in a beverage that truly satisfies.

Not Coffee Original (Ground) - Your Perfect Coffee Alternative
Are you tired of the negative effects that coffee leaves you with, but find it hard to let go of your daily ritual? Look no further! Not Coffee Original (Ground) is here to transform your coffee experience and nourish your body.

Coffee-Like Taste, Without the Drawbacks
Say goodbye to the acidity, bitterness, and unwanted substances often associated with coffee or decaf. Not Coffee Original (Ground) is meticulously crafted to closely resemble the taste, aroma, and richness of coffee, without compromising on your well-being.

Embrace a Balanced Start and End to Your Day
Not Coffee Original (Ground) is caffeine-free and stimulant-free, offering you a much-needed break from the jitters and disruptions caused by traditional coffee. Instead, it's packed with prebiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to promote gut health and overall well-being. Start and end your day on a balanced note.

Gentle on Your System, Kind to Your Health
Unlike coffee, decaf, chai, or other caffeinated beverages, Not Coffee won't wreak havoc on your gut, sleep, blood pressure, thyroid function, or anxiety levels. It's a coffee substitute designed to provide a nourishing and gentle experience, supporting your health and alleviating any adverse effects associated with traditional coffee.

A Lifestyle-Friendly Choice
We understand the importance of catering to diverse dietary needs. That's why Not Coffee is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, preservative and additive-free, acid-free, and sugar-free. With Not Coffee, you can enjoy your cup of goodness while staying true to your lifestyle.

Make the switch to Not Coffee and embrace a new era of coffee alternatives. It's time to replace your coffee ritual with a beverage that nourishes your body and supports your well-being.

About Not Coffee Sticky Chai

Ingredients: Organic honeybush herbal tea, organic agave syrup, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger root, star anise, Celtic salt.

Indulge in the warmth of our Not Coffee Caffeine-free Sticky Chai, a guilt-free delight crafted to elevate your senses and nurture your wellbeing. Rooted in Honeybush herbal tea and an exquisite medley of spices, our sticky chai offers a harmonious blend of flavours that strike the perfect balance - not too sweet, not too spicy. 

Honeybush, the heart of our chai, brings a host of health benefits to your cup. Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes and calms, making each sip a moment of relaxation. This herbal gem is also loaded with antioxidants, supporting your body's defense against oxidative stress. Plus, its caffeine-free nature ensures a gentle and soothing experience without the caffeine jitters.

Our carefully selected spices add depth and character to this delightful brew. Cardamom, known for its digestive aid properties, enhances gut health while imparting a fragrant aroma. Ginger brings its soothing warmth and anti-inflammatory qualities, helping you find balance from within. Cloves offer their immune-boosting benefits, while Star Anise contributes its unique, enriching flavour profile. Finally, we sweeten the mix with agave syrup, providing a touch of natural sweetness without the sugar rush.

Not only does our Not Coffee Sticky Chai indulge your taste buds, but it also cares for your dietary preferences. This vegan and dairy-free chai allows you to embrace your health-conscious lifestyle while savoring a beverage that's both comforting and invigorating.

*All ingredients are Gluten & Dairy Free. Made on premises that process other gluten products.

What Not Coffee Lovers Say

I’ve tried other coffee substitutes before so wasn’t sure how this would go! I was very pleasantly surprised!!! I don’t know how they got this to taste like coffee, but it does! It’s an amazing alternative!!

Anastasia K

I was looking for an alternative to coffee as I was planning to give up the real stuff for health reasons. I found Not Coffee and was skeptical but bought a couple of packs. Like any new drink it took me a couple of days to get used to the taste but a month on I really like it.

Darryn P

This is so good! I have been searching for a caffeine substitute for years, this is the first that tastes just like coffee, the best part is I feel so good after it! Thank you!!

Bella L

Oh my!!! I’m so in love with my Not coffee. The taste is incredible and doesn’t make me miss coffee at all. All the taste without the side effects of coffee. This is definitely my go to from now on.

Bridget H

Got my first order of Not Coffee and enjoyed the original flavour but the vanilla is NEXT LEVEL OMG!!!! Would love to see the Pods in vanilla flavour :)

Paula L

I was hesitant to switch out my regular black coffee for Not Coffee but knew it had to be done. With regular coffee I was experiencing heart palpitations and jitters every morning on an empty stomach. I have seemlessly transitioned to Not Coffee and feel much better for it! No more jitters or anxiety. The taste is subtle too so it doesn't feel like you're drinking something totally different. Purchasing my next bags a week later as I know I will be using this longterm!

Steph H

Since having to give up caffeine last December for health reasons, I've been searching (unsuccessfully) for a coffee alternative. I'm so happy I came across Not Coffee. I bought a sample bag of instant & upon my first sip I was blown away with how much it actually smells and tastes like coffee. I can now go back to having my coffee fix without the caffeine. I'm so in love with this product!! Thank you to the team behind Not Coffee - this product is a gamer changer!!

Glenda D

I wanted to try Not Coffee as Coffee gives me bad reflux. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find that Not Coffee tastes like coffee! I can also have multiple cups without getting any reflux at all.

Lee Hopman

I have tried different coffee substitutes over the years, but have never found anything that I would be happy to continue to use. I received my 1st order of Not Coffee yesterday and decided to leave my “taste test” for my morning cup of “coffee”. Just had my first cup and I enjoyed it more than Coffee! I will definitely use this instead of Coffee from now on. I also ordered the Vanilla, which I will try as my night time drink - can’t wait 😊

Karen H

I ordered the sample packs last week to try it out, and I was pleasantly surprised that it actually does taste like coffee 🙌 enough to trick my brain into thinking I’m drinking coffee! ☕️
I’ve tried coffee alternatives in the past and they all taste like 💩. But Not Coffee is DELICIOUS! Replacing my daily coffees has been super easy and my digestive system is feeling grateful. I just ordered a full bag of Not Coffee Original Ground on a subscription so I never need to worry about running out 💖 Thanks Not Coffee for going to all the effort of making this product. It’s literally like you read my mind coz I’ve been looking for something like this and then one day there was your ad! Perfect timing 🙏

Kelly V.

I wanted to kick the caffeine habit but coffee is also nostalgic and comforting to me. Not coffee has been an ideal alternative as I have as many cups as I like, as late at night as I like, without worrying about caffeine spikes. I'm really happy having made the switch and am already introducing it to my colleagues at work.

Megan H.

Like most people I love my morning coffee or two. But dealing with adrenal fatigue for many years I knew that, that caffeine fix in the morning was not helping my adrenals. Giving it up was not going to be that easy, I knew I needed to replace it with an alternative that tasted similar.
Not coffee has been the perfect substitute. I can still have my morning latte without the caffeine, and still feel like I am having my coffee fix. I can also enjoy it in the evenings without it affecting my sleep. And the added bonus is its ingredients are good for you . Win Win :)

Julie M.

I haven't been able to have caffeine for over a year and really missed my morning coffee. I stumbled across Not Coffee and thought I would give it a try, surely it can't be that bad? Well to say I was glad I did is an understatement, I have not looked back. I have been drinking Not Coffee for a few months now and love the fact if tastes like coffee and I have no side effects which is amazing. I recommend anyone to give it a go and trust me you will not be disappointed.
Thank you Not Coffee for filling the hole that was missing. Your customer service and quick delivery is great as well.

Bec F.

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