Brewing Tips

Not Coffee is formulated from several different ingredients that are separately ground, roasted and then blended. Not Coffee is not coffee, so unlike coffee beans which are ground to a specific size for different types of brewing methods, Not Coffee is a composite grind that works in all types of coffee machines and coffee makers.

Not Coffee


We recommend that you adjust Not Coffee quantities to your own preference. Just like coffee, some people prefer it strong while others prefer it weak. Experiment by making several cups of Not Coffee at different strengths to find the quantity that is perfect for you. You’ll notice that Not Coffee is darker than coffee when you add milk to it, so if you normally gauge the taste and strength of your coffee based on how dark it is, your Not Coffee will likely be darker for the same strength of coffee you enjoy.

Not Coffee

What to Add

Drink Not Coffee the way you enjoy coffee. You may like it instant or brewed, black or with milk, non-dairy milk, creamer or half and half, sugar or no sugar. It’s a good idea to taste Not Coffee first before adding sweetener. This is because Not Coffee’s special blend of premium roasted and ground ingredients replicate a rich, bold coffee flavour profile, without the acidity or bitterness of coffee. So a lot of people find that they do not need to add sweetener to their Not Coffee.

Not Coffee

Original or Now?

Basically, Not Coffee Original works exactly like ground coffee beans and can be used in all the coffee makers and machines you would normally use ground coffee in. Not Coffee Now works exactly like instant coffee powder, so you don’t need a coffee machine to make it, all you need is boiled water and your favourite milk. They both taste, act and look like coffee, it’s just a matter of preference.

How to Make Not Coffee

Not Coffee Original

Espresso Machine

1. Fill the portafilter of your espresso machine with Not Coffee Original, a little less than you would regular coffee. Don’t overfill as Not Coffee swells during brewing.

2. Tamper gently.

3. Brew into your cup.

4. Enjoy black, like an espresso or top with your favourite milk or non-dairy alternative. Top with boiled water to enjoy it as a long black.

*Not Coffee Original can be enjoyed iced or with cold milk.

Not Coffee Original

Moka / Caffettiera

1. Add water to the bottom chamber of your Moka/Caffettiera.

2. Put the filter on to bottom chamber and fill the filter with Not Coffee Original, don't over-fill or press.

3. Screw the pot back on to bottom chamber.

4. Place Moka on the stove and brew like coffee until the pot fills with Not Coffee.

5. Pour the desired amount of Not Coffee into your cup.

4.  Enjoy black or top with your favourite milk or non-dairy alternative.

Not Coffee Original

French Press / Plunger

1. Add 1-2 tablespoons of Not Coffee Original to 3-cup pots, or more for bigger pots.

2. Add boiling water.

3. Seep for 5 minutes before pressing the plunger down.

4. Pour the desired amount into your cup.

5. Top with your favourite milk or dairy alternative.

Not Coffee Now

Instant Coffee Style

Not Coffee Now

Instant Coffee Style

1. Put a heaped teaspoon or two into your cup.

2. Add boiled water just like you would with instant coffee.

3. Top with your favourite milk or dairy alternative or enjoy black.

4. Adjust quantity of water, milk or Not Coffee Now to taste.

Not Coffee Now

Latte or Cappuccino Style

1. Put a heaped teaspoon or two into your cup. 

2. Add 40ml of boiled water, enough to dissolve the Not Coffee Now powder.

3. Top with the desired amount of your favourite frothed or steamed milk latte or cappuccino style.

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