Not Coffee Chai

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Caffeine-Free Sticky Chai Blends by Not Coffee

Experience the exquisite blend of tradition and innovation with Not Coffee's Caffeine-Free Sticky Chai Blends. Discover our enticing Not Coffee Chai, a timeless take on classic chai, now caffeine-free and enriched with the wholesome goodness of Honeybush herbal tea. Dive into the vibrant world of our Not Coffee Turmeric Chai, a golden elixir that marries the robust flavors of Rooibos, fresh Australian ginger, and turmeric, all without the presence of caffeine. Indulge in the aromatic magic of sticky chai, where the ancient art of chai meets the modern pursuit of wellness. Sip your way to serenity with our caffeine-free chai blends, expertly crafted to elevate your tea-time ritual.

Are you tired of the caffeine rollercoaster that comes with traditional chai? Look no further! Not Coffee's Caffeine-Free Sticky Chai is here to revolutionise your chai experience. Say goodbye to the jitters and the crash, and hello to a soothing, flavorful cup of chai that's as good for your body as it is for your taste buds.

What sets Not Coffee's Sticky Chai apart is its caffeine-free formula. Unlike most chai blends that contain black tea as their base, Not Coffee's version is completely devoid of caffeine. This means you can enjoy its rich, aromatic goodness any time of day without worrying about disrupting your sleep or suffering from caffeine addiction.

But that's not all – the absence of black tea doesn't mean a lack of flavor. Not Coffee's Sticky Chai is a delightful blend of aromatic spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves. These spices are not only bursting with flavor but also packed with antioxidants and health benefits. They've been used for centuries in traditional medicine to aid digestion, boost immunity, and reduce inflammation.

By choosing Not Coffee's Caffeine-Free Sticky Chai, you're not only indulging in a delicious beverage but also making a health-conscious choice. It's time to savor chai without the caffeine and unlock the true potential of these aromatic spices for your well-being.

What People Are Saying About Not Coffee

I was looking for an alternative to coffee as I was planning to give up the real stuff for health reasons. I found Not Coffee and was skeptical but bought a couple of packs. Like any new drink it took me a couple of days to get used to the taste but a month on I really like it.

Darryn P

This is so good! I have been searching for a caffeine substitute for years, this is the first that tastes just like coffee, the best part is I feel so good after it! Thank you!!

Bella L

I wanted to try Not Coffee as Coffee gives me bad reflux. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find that Not Coffee tastes like coffee! I can also have multiple cups without getting any reflux at all.

Lee Hopman

I wanted to kick the caffeine habit but coffee is also nostalgic and comforting to me. Not coffee has been an ideal alternative as I have as many cups as I like, as late at night as I like, without worrying about caffeine spikes. I'm really happy having made the switch and am already introducing it to my colleagues at work.

Megan H.